Do & Don’t

Do & Don’t




Remove footwear before entering pagoda precincts
In Myanmar, it is considered essential to move footwear(including socks) before entering thecompound of a pagoda or a Buddha shrine.





Wear decent clothes to the pagoda or monastery
Since pagoda and monasteries are centers of Buddhist veneration ,you should not go there dressed in loose or semi see-through blouses or very short pants as if you were going to the beach .This may cause embarrassment to others.





Keep the feet on the ground
Resting feet on the table or another chair or a seat will offend Myanmar people. They regard the feet as the inferior part of the body and they should be kept as far away from other people as possible.

Don’t hug and kiss in public
Myanmar people are modest when is comes to show of affection. They do not display body contact or physical closeness to loved one of opposite sex in public places. Behaviour such as hugging, holding and and lip-kissing is offensive to local people.

show respect to monks, novices and nuns
In Myanmar, monk is regarded as the most reverent after the Buddha and His Doctrine and should be respected. The monk observes the 227 rules of the Discipline, studies the doctrine , practices meditation ,is celibate , keep fasting  everyday ,leads a life of abstinence and minimum wants. A novice whose life is almost similar to that of monk is dedicated to becoming a monk so he is also worthy of respect. A nun is a female religious person equally dedicated to a life of discipline and the study and practice of the doctrine.


Don’t point a finger straight in the face
Pointing a finger straight in the face of a person would be taken as an accusation or a sign of contempt or aggression, although you may mean otherwise .Similarly, folding your arms or resting your hand or hands on your waist when talking to someone is regarded as overbearing ,arrogant or aggressive and should be avoided.